Customer Service

Our Customer Service Promise...

Angel Healthcare Staffing originated with the idea of being an 'above all' customer service based company. It is our commitment to our clients and to our caregivers to go above and beyond to ensure overall satisfaction. We measure our clients' satisfaction only by developing a relationship and a feeling of trust with each contact within a facility we partner with. We want to continue to break the stereotype of temporary medical nurse staffing. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, accountability, and flexibility are factors which we believe contribute to customer satisfaction. Angel Healthcare Staffing also believes in showing gratitude towards our clients for their loyalty and continued use. We strive to make regular visits to our customers and their facilities to ensure we are meeting their requirements and ways for improvement as their needs change and evolve. We strongly feel that a local representative is the only method to guarantee customer service in the medical nurse staffing industry.

As a customer service based business, we are always open to suggestion and are willing to make appropriate changes to better meet our clients needs. We have service available 24 hours a day with our on-call coordinators who have strict protocol when reporting and handling any issues. Angel Healthcare Staffing has a unique philosophy about our scheduling process. Due to the many changes constantly evolving, we have catered the services we offer to those changes and diverse markets. We are able to concentrate on short and long term contracts for continuity of care, positive team environment, and stability of the caregiver schedule for those clients who need help with key positions. AHS offers flexible contracts guaranteeing and scheduling different hours allowing the facility to flex down when census decreases yet still have a contracted caregiver. For those clients who are seeking temporary medical nurse staffing, per diem needs, we have a large pool of caregivers who like the flexibility of working when needed and when they are available.

Angel Healthcare Staffing strives to assist the facilities we partner with recognize when calculating a cost analysis, temporary medical nurse staffing can help decrease costs in these areas: recruitment, orientation, Lifetime benefits, and over time rates. By utilizing medical nurse staffing a facility can decrease staff turn over ratios by decreasing burn out of current valued staff. AHS has a standard agreement clearly stating the services offered and rendered to begin the staffing process. Once this agreement is signed and we are better able to assist with identifying any staffing issues, AHS begins a recruitment blitz catering to the facility specific needs.