Nurse Credentialing

Through years of professional experiences the administrative team at AHS has had the opportunity to learn the requirements and standards that facilities must uphold and, in turn, expect nothing less from a caregiver who is hired at Angel Healthcare Staffing. The support team at AHS manages all locations to ensure these standards are upheld with every caregiver who is hired and remains 'active' status. Angel Healthcare Staffing continually attempts to change the views of the healthcare community when referring to medical nurse staffing, we are dedicated to holding high standards for the industry and being accountable.

At Angel Healthcare Staffing an excellent nurse or healthcare professional is not only defined by having all credentials up to date, solid clinical experience, and top of the line skill sets but also exhibits compassion for his/her career, fellow nursing staff, and ultimately the patients he/she cares for while representing AHS. The tracking process is made easy with AHS's staffing software system which enables the administrative team to generate daily reports on all expirations for all caregivers and does not allow a caregiver to be scheduled should he/she have outdated credentials, in-services, or health profile contents which is an essential element with temporary nurse staffing. Our local office staff is happy to submit weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports and updates to all of the facilities we partner with to ensure accuracy of all records. Our credentialing management process goes hand in hand with our extensive skills check lists that our caregivers complete upon hire and annually to update.