Staffing Solutions

Temporary Medical Nurse Staffing Solutions

Angel Healthcare Staffing understands the pressure that many of our clients are experiencing with their staffing issues. We strive to not only provide our clients with as much useful information that we can upon contract finalization, but we also like to continue supporting our contacts with any variations to the typical staffing methods that may be a better individual fit. Many of the standard staffing protocols are not as effective for our clients as their needs and staffing issues change almost daily as the facility grows and changes. With the many different services that our clients offer to the community, Angel Healthcare Staffing attempts to assist with as many areas as possible for healthcare positions in efforts to relieve some of the pressures of having to utilize several temporary medical nurse staffing companies.

At Angel Healthcare Staffing, we believe that each client contact deserves the time and attention needed to support their efforts in solving their staffing challenges. We understand that putting a face with a name is very important when trusting us with full time staff members, clinical managers, and most importantly….patients and their families. We take our customer service values very seriously and we are always open to suggestions for improvement as we recognize that change is essential for successful growth in any organization.

We are able to negotiate fair and reasonable pricing. We have found that this is a benefit that most of our clients appreciate as our primary goal is to provide the best quality caregivers we can to our valued clients and their communities. Our local Managers are specifically recruited from the same city/area that we are staffing to ensure our knowledge of the specific characteristics of the community and where the crucial needs are.

We invite all of our new clients or prospective clients to call any of our references listed in their introductory information packet, we are very proud to display first hand what our current clients think about us, our services, our representatives, and our Angel caregivers. We welcome you to contact us at anytime to begin a partnership that will not only be a relief for your current full time staff, but also an added benefit as we are confident that our caregivers will be welcomed and asked to return when needed.

Mission, Vision, Values

At Angel Healthcare Staffing, we have always been committed to Customer Service Excellence. We know what our customer’s needs are because we ask, we listen, and then we develop a plan to assist you in achieving your goals.

We remain focused on helping our valued client’s reach their organizational and professional goals, while we deliver quality healthcare services to support our passion, mission, and most importantly, our community. By assisting you and your facility in delivering high quality patient care and providing jobs to quality healthcare professionals, we work together to forge long-lasting relationships that will bridge the gap between the continuing shortage of qualified, experienced healthcare professionals and the increased demand for high-tech, high quality patient care.

Menu of Services

  • Weekly Billing
  • Per Diem Staffing
  • Contracts to fit your needs
  • Travel Staff (8 week assignment minimum)*
  • Highly experienced, qualified healthcare professionals will provide excellent patient care
  • Assures safe staffing ratios thereby ensuring your core staff that you value the best interests of the patient’s in your facility, and your employee’s best interests as well decrease the need for divert status
  • Allied Professionals – PT, OT, RT, RAD TECH, SURG TECH, COTA
  • Nursing Professionals - ICU RN, ER RN, M/S RN, CM/UR, LPN, SRNA, ARNP

Travel assignments are limited to RNs, RTs, PTs, OTs, and Rad Techs only